A Gift From The Gods

A Gift From The Gods
Photo By Nicole N, Belgium

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Ankh Ceremony

Yesterday was a day to remember. I feel privileged to have been invited to my friends' Ankh Ceremony where they received their Priesthood Ankhs as they commit their lives to the priesthood and develop their own spiritual institution known as the Shrine of Ma’at. For those of you who are not quite familiar, the Ankh (illustrated above) is a symbol that represented life in Ancient Egypt and still holds value to those who observe the Kemetic ways today. Kemet, which means “black” was the name given by its inhabitants to the land we now call Egypt. The name Egypt is really from the Greek "Aegyptos" which is derived from the Coptic hi(t)-ka(u)-ptah, "the house/temple of the ka of Ptah".  Ma’at means truth, balance, order, law, morality and justice. It is also the name of the Ancient Kemetic female deity who is the personification of truth and justice. I notice that both of my friends have included the word Ma’at in their Kemetic names. My friend Anika has adopted the Kemetic name Nfr-Ka Ma’at. So far I know Nfr means beautiful, Ka is a deep form of the word spirit and of course Ma’at means truth etc. Her husband Jabari’s Kemetic name is Heru Djeden Ma’at at Aten-Ra. This shows that the concept of truth or the revelation of truth is of great importance to them.

The ceremony began with the 4-point Opening of the Way. Four priestesses dressed in white and arrayed with lavish Kemetic jewelry stood on either side of one another, two by two performing a simple dance around the altar which was in the center. The dance was accompanied by the lulling of calming, tranquil music. The Priestesses each held two Ankhs in their hands and swayed them back and forth as they continued to move with the music. As the Abu or Kemetic priest entered, the priestesses welcomed him with a dance. Then they put the left foot ahead of the right and stretched out the left hand presenting the palm as the right hand was bent. Watching that greeting blew my mind. It was artful and full of strength and at the same time, it seemed so familiar. Now I just want to welcome people that way instead of shaking hands.

The ceremony continued with the priest reading excerpts from a work written by a Dr. Ben entitled “Reclaiming the Ankh”. It was basically an explanation why the African Diaspora need to return to the ways of their ancestors by embracing Kemetic ways of life. The priest also read all 42 Declarations of Ma’at which is part of the Book of Coming Forth by Day and Night (incorrectly called the book of the dead). It is strangely familiar to the commandments given to the Jews in the Bible. Edicts such as, “I have not committed sin, I have not committed robbery with violence and I have not committed adultery…”

Coming towards the end of the ceremony, there was even a Defense of the Ankh, where anyone in the audience could throw out inquiries to the couple as to why they have chosen this particular path. As each question was thrown, each one was batted out of the park in eloquent manner. As the couple exited with new ankhs in hand the priestesses created an arch for them to pass through. Upon their return, Nfr-Ka Ma’at and Heru Djeden Ma’at at Aten-Ra both surprised everyone by presenting beautifully crafted pendants with the image of Ma’at to four unsuspecting friends that they thought deserved them for all their support. My older daughter said, I would be called up but I looked at her and said plainly, “No”. Then, my name was called first. Of course I was stunned. I jumped up with my younger daughter, sleeping in my arms and made my way up to receive the wonderful gift. Thank you so much!

The occasion was like none other that I have attended. It was an eye opener. Utterly beautiful, calming and just natural. I am thankful that I was a part of it.  Outside, we were blessed to have strangely beautiful weather; a type of weather pattern that is more familiar to the Caribbean than it is to urban New York - Soft rain drops shimmering in the golden rays of the sun.  Sunshowers!  What a way to top off the day!

Nfr-Ka Ma'at and Heru Djeden Ma'at at Aten-Ra have founded The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at
They are also producers of their own show Kemetic Legacy Today on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Channel 34 every Saturday at 12noon


Anonymous said...

The pictures are so interesting. Egypt, for me has always been synonymous to mystery.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

auset heta hru said...

i truely enjoyed reading this

Kiki Dela Mar said...

Wonderful. Blessings to all Light Workers

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! There's a reason that the 42 Declarations are similar to the 10 Commandments. Check out Anthony T Browder - The Secret Behind The Secret on YouTube.