A Gift From The Gods

A Gift From The Gods
Photo By Nicole N, Belgium

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pharaoh Tutankhamun Returns

After decades, King Tutankhamun has finally made another appearance in New York City! Well, not Tutankhamun himself since his mummy is way too fragile to leave Egypt. Many of his funerary objects and personal belongings that I believe his spirit still resides in are on display. And even more fascinating, his family’s history is on display as well. Usually when we think of mummies, we may think of a simple specimen that has no purpose but to be poked and prodded by scientists but the fact that Tutankhamun’s family’s spirit has accompanied his on this journey to New York City somehow brings him to life. He was a real young man that walked the earth and fell in love and had caring parents and grandparents. My interest skyrocketed so I bought a ticket with my friends Jabari and Anika Osaze (Kemetic historians who live their life as the Ancient Kemites did) for an African-inspired tour of this exhibit. Too often Egypt or Kemet (the true ancient name) is separated from the rest of Africa but it was clearly an African nation so I wanted to get a more in depth, factual, educational tour.

Royal Diadem
I was an hour late but I was still able to join the group for a 3 Hour Tour. Where did I hear that line before? Well unlike Gilligan’s Island, I would have certainly enjoyed being stranded amidst all of the artifacts because they were simply impeccable. The craftsmanship was second to none. Many of the pieces were created by master craftsman for the sole purpose of accompanying Tutankhamun in the afterlife such as the exquisite golden royal diadem inlayed with jewels to the left which was found affixed to his head.  As Jabari mentioned, no one was going to see the work of these artisans yet they put their all into making the objects flawlessly beautiful. Imagine if the craftsmen were ruled by today’s standards. They would most likely cut corners like crazy knowing that know one would examine their work. I learned that the standard by which Kemites created objects, down to the drawings and hieroglyphs were second to none. The minutest details possessed a meaning to the Ancient Kemites. In the next few articles, I will break down what I learned from this tour by subject and show correlations between the Ancient Kemites and our present world. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

wished I was able to go, and I hear they are not doing this tour anymore - very sad

Anonymous said...

I had seen pictures of mummys, czars and pyramids etc in my history books when I was in school. After that there was no connection as such with the land of Pharaohs! I am pleased to have found a place in form of your blog to re-connect and re-discover.

Nehha (India)

Anonymous said...

I know. Well, more reason to visit Egypt. : - )