A Gift From The Gods

A Gift From The Gods
Photo By Nicole N, Belgium

Saturday, November 8, 2008


In light of the historic U.S. election, the last paragraph of this piece can now be realized in the present tense. Although it has always been true, the plight of President elect Barack Obama has shed light to the world that regardless of your racial or ethnic background, regardless of your gender, regardless if you are considered a minority, regardless if you are poor and persecuted and hated, regardless of the obstacles you face, you are Free to be whomever you choose to be in this life.

I saw you
In a field in Mid-July, fanning yourself in the sweet southern heat born in the Mississippi Delta. You were glowing, sun-ripened and flowing with beauty from the top of your head to the tips of your torn fingers as they picked these fluffy-white things you called cotton.

I saw you
And your strong lovely legs, rippling with muscle, running down a dark rocky road. But you were anointed by the light of the moon and it lifted you away from the men and the dogs that were carrying them and set you down to rest in a place that you called, ‘FREEDOM’.

I saw you
And friends as beautiful as you are, standing erect, closely together like a bouquet of bamboo, flexible but unbreakable, freshly sheered from a garden paradise. Now standing against brick walls, with placards as flowers hanging from your necks. Men surrounded all of you with hoses to water you. After the shower, the words branded on all of your signs still bloomed,

I saw you
All proper in your grooming and dress, Your heart pumping with liquid excitement, trying to become part of a prestigious company. But failing, because your chocolate covered body made you simply too sweet for the job. And frustrated, you turned away and kept repeating over and over in your head,

I saw you in all these places,
But I remember you
Sitting on your throne, draped in lion skins and fine linen.
And when you stood, your magnificence enveloped your subjects
And your royal libraries taught your people to be free
Your scribes recorded your wisdom on papyrus, stone slabs, columns, temples
And taught your people to be free
Into the vast horizon your kingdom stretched
Into eternity reigns

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