A Gift From The Gods

A Gift From The Gods
Photo By Nicole N, Belgium

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Nile is a Torn Woman

The Nile is a torn woman
Her tears run long and sharp
Cutting through the thick of the land
The Sun is her partner in the day.
And the Moon, her mate by night.

The Sun and the Nile dance quietly in painted gold.
Seen and approved by onlookers.
He will not let anyone take this dance,
for it belongs to him once he reigns proudly and strong over his gilded net.
His selfish stances and bold turns
are designed to scare all would be partners away.
The Nile belongs to the Sun.

In the day, she thinks about the night.
She thinks about when she could be enveloped in his soft blanket.
When she could relax in his darkness…hidden.
She adorns herself with the diamonds he has given her
Preparing to meet him.

The Moon and the Nile share pleasures freely.
He makes the tears of the Nile dry up
And allows her waters to overflow abundantly
He gives her riches, replenishing her banks, giving them life.
The Moon loses himself in the Nile
She changes his face, making him beautiful.
His tears fill her up when he has to let her go and fade away to his home.

When daybreak comes, she stands still to greet her owner.
The Nile is a torn woman
But the night carries her through the day.


Louie said...

To be the sun or the moon. Which has greater rewards?

To dry up tears is the greatest power which can be possessed...and the greatest privilege.

I feel that I have to squint from the bright reflections that you words make on the surface of the Nile.


LouiE. said...

Your words reflect off the waters of the Nile in a brilliant reflection.

With the ability to dry the Nile's tears, the Moon makes me envious.