A Gift From The Gods

A Gift From The Gods
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Half Moon Smile

By Ambrosia
excerpt from my unpublished, copywritten novel, "Mahatalbhi I"

Temhep writes...
'Summer nights fall slowly
The sky is black but the ground is still lit up with new born lovers
Planted in the winter, Fed in the spring
What is behind your half moon smile that shines in the night and in the day?
Touching the Nile waters with your finger so that they glow silver

The moon whispers to your smile
And tells it to ILLUMINATE
Your face, bright.
Beyond your disguise.

Your true hair curls around your head like a crown of loveliness.
Remove the black- green kohl from your eyes so that the moon can make its home and shine more brightly in them.

A poor wine presser am I.
But I become rich when I see the jewels cast in your teeth
Drunk, when I drink the laughter from your mouth
It is sweeter than the sweetest wine fermented by man

You follow me, like the moon.
When I lay my head on my rest, there you are.
When I stretch my arms with renewed vigor in the morning, there you are.
When I am trampling the grapes of love for you, there you are.
I try to run but you follow me, like the moon.
So I have given up on running.
Now I come to you.
What is behind your half moon smile?
Mahatalbhi writes

'Your words are soft to the papyrus you have gently brushed them on
Your words speak to my Ka.
But when I spew your words out of my mouth for my ears to hear
They sting like the venom of a vengeful asp
You and I are from different halves of the land
Divided by our father's hands
I cannot cross to your side
And you cannot come to mine

A river scorned, a stubborn mountain, an evil windstorm
Stand in between us.
We can never touch.
How can such lovers survive without that comfort?
Behind my half moon smile is love
And hate
It is real and unreal
A smile is all I can give you
All that our father’s world can allow
All my heart can endure'
Temhep writes

'Therefore, I will cross the scorned river
And she will love me
I will climb the stubborn mountain
And he will become like clay in my hands
I will weather the evil windstorm until it becomes a mere whisper
In your ear.
And say,'Do not fear, I will take care of you'
Not the way that is common for a princess
I will treat you as my Queen.

The fathers of the past are prepared to eat at the table in Duat
And so their customs will follow them
Who will be the first to rejoin the land at war within itself?
Who will be the first to change the direction of the wind?
I accept the challenge.
These words that drip like sweet wine from my lips are true
I want you to taste them and see for yourself.'

Mahatalbhi writes

'Why do you awaken such thoughts in my head?
Before you
There has been no other
Your voice has never spoken with mine
Yet you ask me to taste your lips?
Your letters are tormenting me
I lose my breath when I read them
My hands become cold
Perspiration plagues my body

I am imprisoned in an everlasting secret which lays hold of my thoughts and my every move
I look at my father and wonder if he knows
It is killing me
Yet, I dream dreams of tasting your wine drenched lips
I long to sleep in the day so that I may see you dancing in my head into the night
Like the moon with the Nile in an eternal dance

My father thinks I am sick
And he is the wise one
My hand has slipped and now you know my heart
And the thoughts you have awakened in me.'

Temhep writes

'My dear Princess,
I will not be the criminal
Guilty of stealing thoughts into your head
I am the Victor
Freeing the feelings that were already there,
Bound, dying inside of you
I do not want to hurt you
If you can not come away to me
I will continue to live

But without you what kind of life will that be?

Dear Princess just promise me one thing
Whenever you see me making love to the grapes
Until they turn to wine for you
Smile for me
When I pour the elixir of love into your chalice
Smile for me
When I protect the life of your father as his Royal Wine Taster
Smile for me
With the full moon, unafraid.'
Mahatalbhi writes

'How do you posses such power?
To make you want to defy my father
In turn rebelling against a nation
You are but one man
But the power that lives in you is mightier than the power of the whole royal army
Mightier than me

If I may have one wish
It would be, to be like you
I, Princess, am not worthy of your love because I am not willing to act as you would.
The power that you possess blinds you to all obstacles
And yet, of all ailments, I would wish that same blindness upon myself
So that I may see
The love that runs through your veins.
My dear one,
Yoked to me, I will only be a burden to your heart.'
Temhep writes

'This is where you are wrong, my love.
This power you say that I have
Is born in you.
When I watch you eat and drink, I gain power
When I hear your voice, I gain power
When I lay down at night and see you lighting up my dreams, I gain power
And when I touch the papyrus that you have sent to me with your words
Etched on them.
Knowing that you have touched it with your own hands.When I smell the perfume of your dried tear drops branded on your messages
I gain power.

It is a feeling unique to itself alone.
I have become a warrior, a conqueror.
And you have given birth to this power and handed it to me.

I want you to look and see for yourself that this power is shared by the two of us.
This love will not die.
Open your eyes my Dear Princess.'
Mahatalbhi writes

'My dear one,
My eyes are open and I see all too well
I see that word has not reached you
Of a marriage that will soon take place
Between the Prince of Nubia and the Princess of Kemet.
This contract was made at the last inundation between the Pharoah of Kemet and the King of Nubia
My father and my Uncle
I will travel to Nubia in the next month and meet my cousin, the older Prince
And there, we will marry
So that the warring between the two nations will cease
And the trade dispute will be no more

I wish I were a slave girl
The role of Princess of Kemet is too heavy
I am sorry my Royal Winetaster,
My soul's equal'
Temhep writes

'Oh Beautiful One of the Most High,
You have made yourself into a sacrifice for Kemet
To be prepared on an altar and burned for Amon

Lives on the battle field will be saved
But yours will be lost
Your life here in Kemet where you waded in the muddy Nile Banks with your friends will be gone
No more will you dress as a commoner and run around in the towns of the poor at night
No more will I be able to protect you like a mother Leviathan does with her young, without them knowing.

You must carry out your duty,
But do not forget these words that we have bound in union on papyrus, oh Comely one.
My soul will miss yours deeply.
My heart has fallen and I can no longer write.'


L said...

Is this the seed of a poetry novel? Your verbal images, your public lyric confessions, your ability to touch and not damage a beating heart, linked together to tell a greater story of universal love. The Illiad from a woman's point of view.

Even if you choose not to it develops, I anticipate your work great interest.

Anonymous said...

if I lived liked this story...I would fall in love over and over and over...